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I'm very interested in what the Avengers turns up. I want to see how well I'm feeling the pulse of this. I know it will do well, but I would be surprised if it does that well (unless it's a terrific movie that turns out better response than the individual super heroes of its ensemble). Individually, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man were all successes, but only iron man turned out to be the blockbuster. And nothing like this had happened in the movies before. I wish the movie could have come out after Thor and Captain America had sequels, so their names became more prominent and the event became more of an Event outside the comic book crowd, but I understand the difficulty in getting too elaborate with movies- they have to juggle contracts, actors, age, everything.

But I'm really, really interested to see how it pans out. Even though I'm not much more marvel super hero movies these days.
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