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Definitely. Some have argued that the Ledger death is what boosted The Dark Knight's grosses so much, and while that may have been a factor, the fact of the matter is that people loved that movie and went to see it multiple times. I'm banking on Rises setting the opening weekend record, topping Potter's $169 million.
Definitely agree that this has the potential to beat Potter's record. As the others said I definitely agree TDKR, will make easily over 500 million, I have friends and people I know excited for this movie who don't follow movie news and aren't cinephiles. I have heard a ton of people saying they will be there opening day and it is only February. I think that it will easily go over 500 million maybe over 600 depending on WOM.

I doubt Battleship will tank, the similarity to Transformers will definitely boost it in my opinion. I hope John Carter doesn't fail, but its not looking to hot right now from what I have seen.

I think The Avengers might do better than 400 million, just a hunch but who knows.
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