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Thanks, Cory. Reviewing older horror movies may have been exactly what I needed to do in order to move on from the fan-fiction. Reviewing is another creative outlet. And reviewing movies was the first realistic thing I wanted to do as a child (after wanting to become a "Ghostbuster"). I first tried it in high school, and they were mediorce. Every action movie review was the same, every horror movie review was the same, etc. It seems that, after practicing with the fan-fiction, I have become a better reviewer. And it is older horror movies I know how to be objective with.

In a way, with the horror conventions that make these movies available, I'm finally doing what I wanted to do as a child. I'm finally getting to see a lot of movies (other than the big franchises) that my parents forbade me from renting. What made it truly unfair was that I wasn't a kid who overreacted to nudity and sex (and that remains parents groups' concerns - who cares about grotatious violence and gore apparently!). I was mature enough then to look past that and appreciate creative death scenes and well-drawn suspense (and again, without overreacting like a maniac). School sucked and horror movies helped me cheer me up (tell that to the people who claim "horror movies make killers"!) This may be true about the rest of us who have dedicated life-long but healthy obsessions with horror movies.

Then, there's the point when we are officially "mature enough" to rent whatever movies we want, and when it came time, I know that I mostly took my local mom-and-pop store's excellent selection for granted. I thought it would be around forever and came too late for the stand-alone films of the `70's and `80's. The rest of you may have felt this way as well. I have only the conventions to help me out. Yeah, I could order online, but I would rather physically hold a DVD in my hands and see the person I'm purchasing it from. Buying movies online may work for the rest of you, but I find it to be cold and lifeless.

This is a long and slightly personal reply. But hey, I was willing to speak personally at times in my reviews. This is my response to a full years worth of reviews. I'm done for now, and I don't know when I'll be ready to review again. Maybe in the summer.

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