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I agree with you on this. I actually really liked Kilmer as Wayne/Batman. Second behind Bale, honestly. Notta huge fan of Keaton as an actor (Jackie Brown excepted) and Clooney was just miscast in the pile of shit that was Batman & Robin.

Me and you are on the same page.I also liked Kilmer the best as Batman after Bale.I have nothing against keaton as an actor but he was so miscast in the role.He did not have the physical build and he is a short dude with a receding hairline so I could not take him serious in the part. The thing that I hated so much about Batman 89 more than anything was how boring it was and how they had the joker be the villian to kill his parents.after Batman killed the joker, he might as well hung up the cape and cowl because thats what motivates him to keep fighting crime is he cant get revenge against the criminal who killed his parents.

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