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They tried to do a reboot of The Bionic Woman a few years back. But it sucked and failed as quickly as the Charlie's Angels reboot.

Not that these shows are the pinnacle of television. The Bionic Woman was a major cheesefest but it was good, silly fun. The remake made the mistake of trying to make it darker and more serious. Thus, all of the fun was zapped away.

I think that's why the Hawaii Five-O reboot is working and why people, other Mr. Parker of course, are enjoying it. It has a sense of a fun that some of these reboots lack. And the cast just clicks. And it's a gorgeous looking show.
Not having watched it, because I cant stand reboots, quick question:
If they called it "Caribbean Heat" or "Maui Force", would it still be as popular?
Cause if the answers is yes, why not just do that?
Make a friggin show in Hawaii about some cops and NOT stamp character names and a title from a popular 70's show on it.
IF the answer is yes, it shouldn't matter. The actors would still click, the stories would still be good and people would still watch.

It's JUST NOT NECESSARY if the damned show works.
Screw reboots.
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