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I ran into Judge Judy not too long ago. I was out walking my cat at the park and she ran right by me. She had a small beagle hanging out of her mouth. I tried to chase her down to make her drop it, but she leaped into the air and vanished. As I continued walking I noticed that everyone in the park had Judy Bloom's face. Every man, woman, and child had her face. They were all staring at me as if they were all plotting against me. I got scared and picked up my cat and ran back to the car. It wasn't until I got into my car that I realized that I was not holding my cat, but instead I was holding someone's child. I didn't know who it belonged to so I just stuck it into the bushes and drove off. Halfway to my house I realized that my home might be bugged, so I just drove until I ran out of gas. I now only continue walking northeast. This house looked inviting so I broke in. They had a computer hooked up to the internet. I thought that I'd use it to log into these forums, and that's when I saw this post. I figure it is a sign from God's second in command. I'll leave early in the morning before the people who live here wake up.

So to answer your query, I'd say a well meaning hypocrite.
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