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The Black Keys

Over the years I have heard a handful or two of their songs in movies, commercials, etc. and would put them on my iPod and occasionally listen to them. I was too lazy to go through their discography (I know, it's not even that big) and see what else they had to offer. About a month ago, I went through their discography and quickly realized that this is the band I've been looking for. I am kind of one of those snobs stuck in the 60s, 70s and (to an extent) the 80s, but have been trying to branch out and find some modern bands than can erase this cynicism that I have about a lot of modern music. I've found a few (Foo Fighters, Panda Bear, Wilco, Edward Sharpe), but have never found anyone as consistent and great as The Black Keys.

What are your thoughts on the band and do you have any recommendations for any bands that are similiar and/or that reach this level of consistency?
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