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Just watched the second episode of this... I didn't care for the hockey parts, so I just fast forwarded through those. I did like the Light Saber though from Empire Strikes Back, that was pretty fucking cool, as was the old-school Batmobile.

And was it me, or did Jay Mewes look REALLY fucking bad? I've actually met the guy in person a few years back, and he didn't look HALF that bad at the time! He looked and seemed to act like a strung-out junkie! It's really fucking pathetic, actually. Plus, that Ming dude is a gullible and stupid motherfucker.... I'd tell Mewes to go fuck himself, if he (or anyone else) wanted me to fucking pay for all the shit he wanted.... Especially being a probably well or decently paid actor! Ming should've just pulled his pants down and bent over and said "Ok, you can go ahead and fuck me in the ass Jay, since your name is on the store and you've been in movies before!" Whatta fucking disgrace.
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