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Well that depends on how you look at it. Religion can be wrong, maybe not. Maybe religious people are wrong while the religion itself is right. That is if you believe in the religion being discussed. If you don't and are a completely science minded individual, remember that like religion, science can be wrong...or maybe it is just the scientists who are wrong while science is right?
Science searches for answers with an open mind. Yes, sometimes they're wrong, but they dont just stop searching, stop learning.

Religion certainly does. Oh, the Earth is 2000 years old? Im'a ignore all this proof that says otherwise. Nanananan-not-listening. Etc.

Countless wars and countless deaths have been because of religion. A very select few of them, true, and not religion as a whole, but if it wasnt them it would have been another.

I find religion terrifying. To me, there is nothing scarier than a person who is both ignorant and driven. Rick Santorum is a lot like that. He's one step removed from being a stupid asshole to being a religious extremist, who can effectively outlaw things that dont fit his narrow-minded view of the world.

Someday, someone like him or someone worse than him, could be president, because his idiotic faith has brainwashed so many people. If that happens, you'll see an Adam-shaped hole in that door.
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