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As someone who has heard this complaint endlessly for the past 18 years while working at various movie theaters, all I have to say is:

You don't need a fucking snack to watch a movie.

Think prices are too high? Don't fucking buy anything. No one is making you buy candy or popcorn, so if you don't like the price, shut the fuck up and movie along.

Because guess what? Plenty of people are willing to spend the money, and that's why shit is the price it is: people buy it.

If everyone stopped buying popcorn and candy, you better believe prices would drop. But they won't. So if you just gotta have something in your mouth during the movie, go eat a bag of dicks and see if any of us care.

And I honestly don't care if you sneak shit in, so long as you actually try and hide it. Otherwise, cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it.
This is why i put it in the rant section.

BTW Fuck you, I hope you burn your hand on making that pop corn, get a paper cut on that ticket stub and spill that soda on your shoes. Just kidding about the fuck you part.
I am only going to the movies with fat people for now on.
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