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So gays are detrimental to civilization? Why? Because they can't reproduce and have children? I've seen and heard of heterosexual couples who can't have children because of some biological issue . . . are they detrimental to civilization then? I once crashed a wedding (fun times) of a 60-something year old man and woman. Something tells me their opportunity to procreate had passed them by. I don't see evangelicals and born-again Christians picketing outside that church saying they shouldn't be allowed to be married. There's absolutely nothing detrimental to civilization when it comes to homosexuality.

And I find it a bit funny that Mr. Cameron says that marriage started with Adam & Eve, man and woman, in the Garden of Eden. Did he forget that it was Adam and Even that started sin too when they ate from the Forbidden Tree - after being told not to by You-Know-Who. Maybe homosexuals are just following that particular portion of the Adam & Eve story, Mr. Cameron. He's an insignificant asshole whose only fandom is from people like him, who watch his Bible-thumping movies (oh and by the way, The Da Vinci Code made more money than Firestorm).

I think ilovemovies had the best post of the thread.
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