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Finished it. And traded in the entire Mass Effect trilogy.
So, essentially, the last ten minutes of the game say "Fuck all your choices over the trilogy, fuck everything you did for the last 5 years of your life and fuck everything you just spent 30 hours building up to. BioWare constantly said there would be wildly divergent endings and that the war readiness and assets would contribute to that. They don't at all. You essentially get a deus ex machina "choose your ending" machine right at the end that they don't even properly explain. Each of your three choices (I thought there was only two until I looked online later) gives you an ending that essentially, while ending the Reaper threat, is a straight up middle finger to everyone else. The Reapers are stopped for NOTHING. The Mass Relays being destroyed in every ending means almost entire species are stranded at Earth, which means Turians and Quarians are near dead, since they have no food. Add on to the fact that apparently Joker was just hanging out near Sol's Mass Relay instead of anxiously waiting on Shepard like he always does just for a retarded ending and the fact that my squadmates magically teleported onto the Normandy and I hate the ending. It goes against the entire point of Mass Effect: That after this all over, they can go back to their lives. Nevermind the cruelness of "Hey, Shep, for reasons we can't explain, you have to die in every ending so it's real sad, m'kay?" Fuck you. I didn't cry because you tried to make it sad. I cried because I had no choice and I died, knowing I couldn't just stop the Reapers. I wanted to have the chance to stop the Reapers and then get my hope fulfilled. I wanted Shepard to make good on his promise to always come back to Liara.

I'm done with BioWare games. They've let EA worm their way in and between this and DAII, I just can't stand being so hyped for games that mean so much to me being trashed. I honestly can't go back and even play the first two because of this game.
Up until the end, for me, this game was a true 10/10. It was turning into my favorite game of all time. After that ending, it sits currently at around a 5 or 6.
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