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Giving this thread a bump to discuss the recent Marvel anime now that they're over.

Wolverine - Total catastrophe. Bad voice acting, terrible character design (Wolverine looked way too much like a Light Yagami Pretty Boy for my liking). I feel the creators never really read anything about Wolverine. He was so weak and just had the wrong attitude. Bad show. 4/10

X-Men - Another failure. I was excited to see some new takes on characters, and was especially hoping Cyclops would be useful. Every adaptation of Cyclops outside of the comics has made him this emo tool. If someone only watched X-Men shows and movies, they'd wonder how the heck Cyclops is the leader. X-Men: Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men, the 3 movies he appeared in, and even the latter stages of the mid-90's cartoon made him a joke. This was a chance to bring him back to his roots, but it failed.

But more than anything else, the show as just BORING. Say what you want about X-Men. Even the bad movies (like X3). You're always guaranteed to get some serious fights and monstrous displays of power. This show was way too talky for me.

I also didn't like the plot surrounding the U-Men. Interesting idea to take a concept that isn't explored too much (we didn't need another Magneto-centered story) but this was almost too esoteric. They needed more than 13 episodes to really develop a coherent story that any one can follow. 5.5/10.

Iron Man - Best by far. In fact, I liked this rendition of Iron Man more than the other cartoons (multiple Iron Man cartoons, multiple Avengers cartoons) and even mor ethan Favreau's movies. Fantastic animation, unique story for the character that was very interesting, good dialogue (as opposed to the other two shows), exciting, and legitimately suspenseful. This show was not only the best of these, but it's among the best comic book shows I've seen and among the best anime I've seen recently. Best of both worlds. 8.5/10.

This concept has potential, as evidenced by stuff like Gotham Knight and of course this Iron Man show. I hope to see more of it in the future. But I hope it doesn't suck as much as Wolverine did.
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