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Sorry but don't you have a choice where the character in question doesn't end up the way he did in your ending?
Upon further study, yes and no. If your effective military strength is high enough and you choose the specific ending for it, supposedly so (although I didn't get it that way and several others haven't either, even with meeting the requirements). I saw that ending on youtube and it's still immensely unsatisfying and with no closure whatsoever.
It feels like Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica ending as rewritten by a 12 year old. And the "Shepard lives" ending is basically "OMG! Shepard took a breath while laying rubble like he's some horror movie villain coming back for a sequel!" I really cared more about galactic civilization being in ruins and what the fuck Joker and Liara and Garrus (who were my squadmates up until Harbinger zapped me, and then I thought they died from a Harbinger laser) were doing hanging out on the Normandy near that Mass Relay. And don't even get me started on the Guardian on the Catalyst looking like that kid Shepard has the nightmares about. WTF?

Don't get me wrong. 99% of this game is amazing. This game made me feel things so deeply that I'd never thought I'd feel about a game. That 1% is just really hard to ignore though.
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