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Tyler I feel very similar. This game was so amazing the entire way from start until the very end.

Don't know if this is a spoiler but I was upset for reasons like you. I was hoping that if my readiness was high enough; which it was; and all the forces around the galaxy were with me that I could get an ending where it all worked out and Shepard could be with his/her love interest in peace for once. The only hope I have is that there is supposed to be a secret ending when you beat the game for a second time. Still very upset that it seems almost every choice I made over the past 2 games don't really factor into the ending to much. At least Deus Ex gives me very different endings. Even though I picked what I believe is the right ending out of the presented choices (The systhesis or green ending) I was hoping to feel an emotion other than sadness and depression about Shepards fate.

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