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This x1,000. I like The Departed more than you do, but only as fluffy entertainment. It's as far from gritty as possible and Marty does indeed need to head back into the territory.
Haha, yeah I'm a broken record when it comes to the Departed; I guess I'm so vocal about it because it's so popular, and I'm a fan of Infernal Affairs. But yeah, I am not a fan of the glossy style of his recent films. It's okay for The Aviator, but The Departed could have used a much grittier look and feel to it. I mean he ripped off his own gangster movies like Goodfellas and Casino while making The Departed, so you'd think that he would emulate the grittiness as well. Could you imagine how much less interesting films like Taxi Driver and Mean Streets would be if they were as glossy as The Departed?
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