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I read every word. You said The Departed doesn't strike you as a glossy film, it's very glossy when compared to Scorsese's early films. The donut thing can be slick but when we cut to the gangsters there should have been some grit to it. Yeah Leo is beating up guys, but there's no edge to it. It's like Marty has filmed so many beatdown scenes that he's just going through the motions. There is nothing in The Departed that comes close to touching the scene in Goodfellas when Ray Liotta beats the guy's face with the revolver. Don't even get me started on the CGI headshots at the end of the movie.
Well no, no scene in any movie really comes close to the beatdown in GoodFellas, but I don't think a beatdown like that should just be in the film for the sake of it. The brutality of that scene is very much about us being in Karen's shoes and realizing just what she has gotten herself into.

And I don't get how there is no edge in The Departed.

Do you consider this scene to be glossy or lacking edge?

How about this?

Again, I'm not saying that The Departed is as gritty as some of Marty's other films, but I think it's a bit silly to say it is "glossy". Less gritty might be a more appropriate term.
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