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I also disagree that the only thing you think at the end of the movie is that you are glad Damon is dead. I think DiCaprio's character is one of the better portraits of the anxiety and paranoia that comes with being an undercover cop (this movie destoys Donnie Brasco in that regard). I think the violence and chaos that he is exposed to (on top of DiCaprio's performance) really show just how incredibly difficult that job would be. If GoodFellas made you not want to join the Mafia, then The Departed certainly made me not want to become an undercover cop.
Oh man, I disagree with that statement so much. I think Donnie Brasco is far and above a superior film than The Departed. There's much more depth in the characters and you are sympathetic to both Depp and Pacino's characters, despite the fact that they do questionable things. They show how Depp's undercover life is ruining his marriage. The line between Depp's mafia persona and his real identity is constantly being blurred. During one scene he acts like a criminal in his own home. The scene where Depp is forced to beat the shit out of a Japanese restaurant manager is exactly the type of thing I would have liked to see in The Departed. Here Depp is forced to do something that makes him hate himself, just to keep the charade going. At first he just lets his buddies do the beating, but then he jumps in himself and goes over-the-top with it. He wants to sell the persona, but there's also this sense that in the heat of the moment, Depp is actually enjoying the violence and the power trip. Despite 40 more minutes of screentime, Leo doesn't do anything this complex or interesting in the Departed.

BTW I just noticed that Goodfellas is listed as your favorite movie.

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