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Wow, you guys are trips...

First off I will say I am not a bible thumper, but I am a Jesus freak... meaning i cuss alot, smoke herb, and dont think you should be able to ban dancing in a town cause you think its a sin... I do however believe in Jesus and the sacrifice that he made for us. That being said, while i could give a shit less about gay marriage, meaning it doesnt bother me at all if its made legal, i dont see anything wrong with what Kurt said. He was pushed to say his opinion, when his opinion was already known. Morgan only wanted ratings and controversy, Kurts biggest mistake was not just side stepping the question. Alot of Christians do believe the way Kurt believes, im not so sure. What I do know is that I am supposed to invite my enemy to eat at my table, so to hate someone for being gay just doesnt seem right. But Kurts reply was not bullying. He said what he felt, and left it at that. He did not use any racial slurs, say that gay people should be erradicated, or anything like that, so where was the bullying. I mean if this is your idea of bullying I wish I had your childhood. I was called fag, queer, dicksucker and so many other variations about 50 times a day all because I had clear skin, nice hair, a good vocabulary, and my mother bought me nice outfits. Now mind you this is the mid to late 80s, but I think endured more gay bashing than most real gay kids who never came out of the closet back then. Even funnier is when of the biggest gay bashing kids actually turned out to be gay when they got older, one of my favorite ironic twists. I lived in a couple of places where I was afraid to walk home after school because of real bullies, the kind that liked to beat the shit out of you... fortunately I was always able to talk my way out of a physical ass whippin, my friends werent always so lucky. That was real bullying, I would have given anything if all I had to worry about was people talking shit about me on face book.
The funniest thing is all the hate a man gets for stating his opinion in the nicest way I have ever heard that opinion stated. Hate for the man, hate for his religion, way more hate than the hate you say he has stated. Two wrongs never equal a right. Hate can never stop until somebody stops it. But what the hell, as much I might not like it, you have as much right to hate religion as Kurt has to say he doesnt agree with gay marriage. I think if he really hates gays he should be pro gay marriage, since thats when they say the fire dies out... and then they will have to deal with divorces, alimonies, and all the downsides of a marriage as well. I do wish he hadnt said that about his kids though, as when I look at my six year old boy I know I would love and support what ever decision he make, though I secretly hope he turns out to be straight, doest that make me wrong, I dont know... but I do know I got his back no matter how he decides. However its hard to be too hard on him as it hasnt happened yet, he might feel different if it actually happened.
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