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I saw that this morning. It seems like he's learned from the Dewey Cox manual on feeling like a rock star.

Bringing up the kid reminded me of what my main problem was with the video. It wasn't even the Kony thing but more the way the guy talked to his kid. If someone else felt this, let me know because I'm having a hard time putting it to words because it really is just more of a feeling. It wasn't even the question of whether it was exploitive but more in that it didn't feel sincere. That was the point of the movie that I felt most undermined the 'seriousness' of what he was talking about.
I think you hit on the two key words of why it made you feel uncomfortable: exploitive and insincere. I also felt a bit confused by the way he was trying to talk with his son about who Kony was. I don't have a child, so I cant speak from experience, but it seemed to me that the child was in the video more as a character than as the humanizing being I imagine was originally intended.

The whole video was geared toward a full on media-blitzkrieg, I can see how the whole father-son interaction would seem out of place in that scenario. Perhaps his whole breakdown had something to do with guilt or sadness at letting his altruistic lifes work become a pop-sensation and a meme. The media, and by extension those of us who pay attention, really are a ravenous mob. Having a passion project get sucked into that abysmal maw of cynical critique would not be a pleasant process.