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TDK took off because two things happened, a) Ledger died of the overdose and b) everyone heaped praise on him (deserved but a little overdone) for such a great character. I think much of it was sympathy (especially the Oscar). I think he did a great job but not to the extent of the praise he got. But that's neither here nor there, the two above mentioned reasons are why the movie did so well. Remove Ledger from the equation it is another Batman Begins. Or have someone else play the Joker who doesn't nail it like he did and the movie only hits $300 mill.

The new ones got no shot at $500 mill with Bane as the villain unless he gets huge WOM like Ledger did. Don't see that happening. The trailer I saw he was nowhere near as interesting a character as Ledger's Joker was. Who is playing Bane anyway?
I strongly disagree with this. The Dark Knight did well and had strong legs because people loved the film. You can attribute the opening weekend to Ledger curiosity if you want, but if people didn't like the film it would not have kept doing well.

People love Nolan and his Bat universe. Period. TDKR will be a huge hit and will very likely reach 500 million, if not more. It's not about the villain. It's about Batman and seeing how the story concludes. It will be huge.

The Avengers- $420 million
Dark Shadows- $150 million
The Dictator- $60 million
Battleship- $180 million
Men in Black III- $150 million
Snow White and the Huntsman- $150 million
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted- $175 million
Prometheus- $190 million
Rock of Ages- $100 million
That's My Boy- $80 million
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter- $60 million
Brave- $180 million
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World- $75 million
G.I. Joe: Retaliation- $150 million
The Amazing Spider-Man- $250 million
Savages- $30 million
Ice Age: Continental Drift- $190 million
Ted- $50million
The Dark Knight Rises- $550 million
Neighborhood Watch- $140 million
The Bourne Legacy- $110 million
Total Recall- $60 million
Rivals- $50 million
The Expendables 2- $90 million
ParaNorman- $45 million
Premium Rush- $50 million
The Wettest County- $60 million

Some of these have to end up tanking, but I'm not sure which yet beyond Abraham Lincoln.

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