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Picked he game up tady to try it out. If it doesn't seem to great i'm taking it right back tomorrow.

As to the reviews i can't trust any of them. I found WAAAAAYYYY too many contraditions between reviews to take any of them at their word. One reviewer said that the AI was pretty good and didn`t do the lame stuff that whats her face would do in RE5 and that the Melee and even starting pistol are pretty much useless in fights. Then the next review i read a guy is saying the AI is fucking horrible and that the Melee attacks are actually over powered and that you could apparently get through the game just hacking and slashing. Well which is it??? I actually had one review bitching about how this game doesn`t explain any of the back story to you adn that you are pretty much expected to have played RE2 and 3 and all i could think was "well no shit sherlock, the only reason to play this game over other shooters like it is cause you`ve played and enjoyed the RE series".

The main idea i was getting from the reviews though is that this is a good game but doesn`t stack up to other 3rd person shooters out there but that is something i could care less about cause i don`t really play many of thoes games to make my own comparisons.

So here`s to hoping its a fun game, otherwise it back to the store for SH: Downpour!
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