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I don't. Mocking homophobes as gay themselves isn't mocking homosexuality, it's trying to put dents in the righteousness of people who are stereotyped to exhibit whatever fetishes they preach against. Which is a generally acknowledged psychology. People react with inappropriate or disproportionate emotion against things they feel themselves and are ashamed of, or projecting outwards to be furious at, and although it's definitely a stereotype, that doesn't mean it's inaccurate. It doesn't seem counter intuitive to suggest the only people who can rationalize hating gays are those who are, in whatever unspecific way, sexually unhealthy or dishonest with themselves. Why else could somebody feel threatened by an external threat that is not really a threat, unless those feelings are internal?

You don't fear things that don't threaten you. Apparently, homosexuality threatens Cameron. Wonder why.

(I don't actually think Cameron is gay. He's probably just stupid. That's usually the case. I mean come on, the answer is 'stupid' way more than it is actually 'homophobic', 'sexist', 'racist', whatever.)

edit: I dunno if I actually ended up replying to what you said, but I think the knock is less haha you're gay too than it is an insult on their healthiness - suggesting that people who acknowledge themselves as being gay are healthy, whereas people who might not acknowledge that about themselves, and then allow that denial to twist their feelings into something homophobic, are the unhealthy ones who are being mocked. It has more to do with making fun of someone's character than not.

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