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I hear you but Kirk doesn't have to be pushed to say this kind of stuff. I mean, he makes videos about it and this isn't his first interview saying this kinds of things.

For the life of me, I don't understand the whole "polite about sharing your belief" thing. The thing with what Kirk said is that you can say the same thing about essentially anyone who doesn't believe as much as he believes they should in order to not be a detriment and destruction to society. So why just gays, right? Well, he was asked so he had to say what he believed. What if he'd been asked about Jews? I mean, let's say he was totally polite and nice about it, but said that Jews were a detriment and destructive. Hell, let's make it topical - what if he'd been asked about Muslims?

Even a toddler should have some sense of manners and being nice. Manners and nice words will only get you so far because they should really be the least expected thing from anyone. Fewer people will spit in your face and maybe someone will even talk to you while standing in line at a buffet. The fact of the matter is that even the most mannered and polite person in the world can be a total piece of shit. Kirk will smile at a gay person all day long, shake their hand, pat them on the shoulder, but as soon as they turn away, he will be saying they are a detriment to society. I don't know if being polite about being an asshole makes one any less of an asshole.

And sure, he believes this. That's fine. I respect that. He believes gays are detrimental and destructive and he can carry on all he wants. My belief is that people who say shit like he's saying sound like assholes. So me and Kirk are just a couple guys using our rights to express our beliefs. Only one of us costarred with a character named Boner, though. Kirk - 1, Me - 0.

You substitute "homosexual" with "Blacks, Jews, Asians, Hispanics, etc." and you've got a fucking racist piece of shit. Oh, but because it's GAYS, he's "just being polite".

Well said PMG.
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