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You are correct, if he had said those terms it probably would have been worse. But why would he... It says nowhere in the Bible that being any of those things are wrong. In fact, Jesus wasnt white, and Jewish people are Gods chosen people, which is what I think many Christians problems with Jewish people are, jeaolousy. It does say in the Bible that homosexuality is a abomination, but it says the same thing about eating shrimp... and I cant imagine someone going to hell for going to Red Lobster for the Endless Shrimp days. I streamed an awesome documentary on Netflix called For the Bible Tells Me So... it was all about homosexuality and Christianity... very thought provoking stuff, and wild to see the different stances that are taken on the subject.

Okay, then... So why isn't he on a crusade against shrimp? You know, I don't really have literature or statistics to think this, but still I can't help to be pretty sure that the consumption of shrimp is a much more wide spread than homosexuality. What quality is it that Kirk has to make him spend so much more time degrading a group of people than attacking something that has no feelings and would fret not the content of his words? I believe that quality would be assholishness.

Sure, I don't know if him going on record to speak out against shrimp would make him sound like as much of an ass, but can we be clear that the problem isn't his belief but was actually the words he used to express his belief.

What he did was the equivalent of telling a woman she looks fat in a dress, except way worse since it's attacking something much bigger than appearance. Much worse because of what's at stake for people, but none of that really matters anyway because it doesn't matter to people like Kirk. I don't slight them on that but just saying it's ignorant and anyone who says otherwise is wearing blinders on this. For some convenient reason, the people who argue with this kind of stuff manage to pretend like homosexuals are completely void of emotion, moral and value. It doesn't really matter what we say about them, because they are beneath us so obviously when someone says they are dirty people -- those offended were offended by religion, not because something completely rude was said. The reason I compared races and religions is because we are talking about people, not crustaceans. It should have been more obvious than how it was taken.

And yeah, religious opponents can say things that are completely rude too. Fortunately for them, though - they don't have proponents lying through their teeth acting like such behavior is not only not noticed, but a fundament to the belief system.
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