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Because the ideals exist. The people can choose whether to follow them or not. Man made up those ideals. I am not bashing the people who follow them (unless it's assholes like Cameron), I'm bashing those specific ideals, the fact they exist makes me nauseous.

Here's the thing Clyde and MovieMaster - clearly we could argue all day long about this and it would never end. I don't agree with the concept of organized religion, you don't like that I don't agree with the concept of organized religion. Is it possible we can just leave it at that amicably?
You still don't get it. I don't care whether or not you agree with organized religion -- what bothers me is how hateful you are towards it and clearly to anyone that participates in it.

If by leaving it at that "amicably"(I guess that's what they call condescension nowadays) you mean that you take the foot out of your mouth and go away, then hooray. If not, well I still won't talk to you, because I'm baffled that I wasted this much time here in the first place. goodbye.
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