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NIN Fans

I'm a casual fan of Nine Inch Nails, not a hardcore one. BUT I feel that Trent Reznor is a musical genius in his own right.

Having said that, I found one of the dirtiest (sounding, not lyrically) remixes of NIN's "Deep" that blows the original/regular Deep outta the fucking WATER!

Check it out:

My favourite comments on youtube:

"Damn, dude. What a remix. Sounds so dirty that I changed it to porn when my Mom walked in."

"Dirtier than fingering ur sister and finding ur dads wedding ring up there..."

It's my latest musical obsession... Listening to it at least once or twice per day, if not more.

Anyway, I've compiled a "Best of NIN" (more like my favourite NIN songs) album so to speak with the following:

-Into the Void
-Deep (Filthy Saturated Remix)
-Capital G
-March of the Pigs
-The Hand That Feeds
-Every Day Is Exactly the Same
-The Good Soldier
-The Wretched

Also "Reptile" is a sick-ass-fucking-song that almost scares me, it's so horror-theme sounding. The lyrics are disturbing as hell too.

Anyway, any other NIN/Reznor fans on here?
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