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MovieMaster, you act as if christianity hasnt been spilling blood for hundreds of years. That is even has a RIGHT to be defended after the centuries of harm it's caused.

I think religion turns people into fucking idiots. A lot of them otherwise good, decent people, who have just been hammered with it from a young age. Jaw doesnt want to say it, I will. It's fucking brainwashing. I see no difference between organized religion and the Manchurian Candidate.

You see children out there with the Westboro Baptist Church yelling "Kill the faggots!". They dont know what the'yre saying, they're just following. Thats who religion is for. Followers.

At best, Christianity is a set of moral guidelines. Dont steal. Dont kill people. Etc. No fucking shit. I dont need a book to tell me what is right and what is wrong, and what Kirk does and says, and what an awful lot - and increasing - number of christians do and say in the name of their god, is wrong. Plain and simple.

Someday, somewhere, a person like Kirk Cameron will find themselves in a position of power. We can only hope it's not in this country (Im looking at you, Santorum.) But somewhere a religious extremist, a far-right conservative, will become ruler or president. If that happens, it wont be long before being gay is illegal, and punishable by death.

Actually, it's already happening in Uganda.

You dont see Buddhists out there murdering people. Its a religion. The teaching of the fictional character of Jesus - not so bad, mostly based around Eastern religion and the teaching of the Buddha, mixed in with Hercules (father a god, mother a human, wander the earth, etc.), mostly about being a hippie and being kind to one another. But, if it was ever even real, Christianity has twisted it.

Not all religion is bad, per se. Taoism, for example, is quite peaceful and involves being harmonious with nature, grown out of 6000 years of Chinese culture. So, no, not all religion is bad. But yours is.

There has been too many altar boys molested, too many wars started, too much blood spilled, too many hate crimes committed - and all in he name of their "Lord" - for me to ever, ever, have any respect for anyone that so blindly follows something that is so very plainly and openly bigoted, hateful and murderous.

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