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MovieMaster, you act as if christianity hasnt been spilling blood for hundreds of years. That is even has a RIGHT to be defended after the centuries of harm it's caused.

This is usually the response you get when discussing Christianity with a hardcore non believer - "Yea well remember the crusades? Christianity kills man!". That is fine and dandy if this were a thousand years ago. The argument today is old, stale, and isn't valid. If you still think that, because of a handful of nuts like Westboro, that all Christians are nuts well it seems that you have an issue with not knowing the difference between a negative stereotype and the real thing. Like Jaw, you are fine being a bigot towards anyone religious but God forbid someone speak out against something you are fine with, the first thing you turn around and do is call them bigots and hate mongers as you hurl insults and foam at the mouth with fury and hatred.

It is fine that you or anyone else chooses not to believe in a God or choose a God different than mine.

As far as being born gay vs a choice. That is still up in the air. It always will be. You have no scientific proof that there is something in your genes, an on/off switch, that decides your sexual fate. People go through things in life that form them, physically and mentally. IMO you are not just born into this world a gay baby. You grow and due to circumstance at some point your sexuality is formed from both negative and positive input. How you accept that is what, again imo, decides what you enjoy sexually and who you enjoy it with.

Just for once, try to reply back in a civil manner without insulting the religious members of the boards. If you can not do this you are no better than Kirk Cameron. Do you really want to be that low?
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