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Depends on the household you grow up in. Some people are born/raised/die a certain religion with really no choice.

That is not the case every time but it happens more than you would think.
I was raised Christian. I'm an agnostic now.

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As far as being born gay vs a choice. That is still up in the air. It always will be. You have no scientific proof that there is something in your genes, an on/off switch, that decides your sexual fate. People go through things in life that form them, physically and mentally. IMO you are not just born into this world a gay baby. You grow and due to circumstance at some point your sexuality is formed from both negative and positive input. How you accept that is what, again imo, decides what you enjoy sexually and who you enjoy it with.

OK then...Why would someone in Uganda (for example) choose to be gay when it could lead to life imprisonment or execution? Why would someone choose to be discriminated against?

"Negative and positive input"?
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