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Cameron said something silly, but more to the point against him, Cameron funds and promotes homophobic organizations that actively involve themselves in trying to limit the rights of gays.

And sometimes patterning is generalizing, but not always. An institution of religion really did perpetuate the abuse of children by shuffling, relocating, hiding and protecting those priests accountable. Although Penn State is accused of doing something similar, and that's not a religious institution.

Crazy people are crazy. End of story.
Yeah, but if people aren't born gay they certainly aren't born crazy. And then we're back to square one arguing for the elusive cause of assholeism in the world that's probably not so elusive after all, since most people seem to be assholes because of things like poverty, persecution, abuse, and all those other unhealthy dysfunctions we should probably pay more attention to than adam and steve frolicking in the garden- unless, of course, someone thinks homosexuality is unhealthy, but then I have just argued myself out of arguing.

Crab apples!
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