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The Sitter

… or “Adventures in Superbad Babysitting”, with less Elizabeth Shue and more Jonah Hill. And since this is before his impressive weight loss, I really mean that. So what do we have here? If you’ve seen the trailer, none of us should be asking such a ridiculous question. A woefully unfit and unambitious twenty-something is for reasons of parental negligence put in charge of three radically fucked up kids – the pill-addled social phobic, the wannabe celebutante, and Scarbabyface - on a night when Hill’s girl-acquaintance finally agrees to go all the way (ironically being Ari Graynor, playing more or less the same role she did in Nick & Norah). What’s an irresponsible member of the Boomerang Generation to do? Why, take them on a wacky adventure through New York, of course! If you’re a fan of Hill, the movie will keep you chuckling pretty steadily, if only for his talent for spinning obscure pop culture references into punchline gold in every other scene. After Moneyball, seeing something like this is obviously a step back for Jonah’s career, but I’m sure he got a good chunk of coin, and it never hurts to bolster your rep with a raunchy comedy or two that plays to the strengths that got you through the glass ceiling. So here’s to an entertaining if forgettable romp through ‘80’s nostalgia. NEXT...

-> 6/10