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21 Jump Street (8/10)
A great bromance comedy with fantastic chemistry between the two leads and an especially stand-out performance from Channing Tatum who shows real comedic skills here. He - surprisingly - got the most laughs out of me. The way the film dealt with the high school setting and the various "groups" (pretty ones, geeks, etc.) was refreshingly different and unstereotypical. The action sequences all worked really well and the film has several hysterically funny moments, the most memorable and gut-busting for me being an instance where the two undercover cops are forced to take drugs and then begin tripping out when they're caught truanting. It's a totally hilarious sequence. If there's anything to complain about with 21 Jump Street, Ice Cube wasn't really as funny as he was trying to be, all of "yo I'm black"-type lines tiring fast. It's also a bit overlong at 2 hours, though the tacked-on-feeling prom finale is worth it for a couple of hilarious, unexpected cameo appearances.