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how people are branding this as hate speech. Hate speech incites violence, I didn't see him saying "kill all the...etc". Yes he is entitled to his opinion, and you to yours, but accusing him of being homosexual is libel, please stop. So the guy doesn't like homosexuals, so what. I don't like the flamboyant ones, dude, you're a dude, be a dude. I love lesbians, esp ugly ones, they leave more hot chicks for the rest of us guys. I love Gay dudes, they are good looking fellas, they make good looking girls accept average guys more. I get uncomfortable with gay dudes making lewd comments, but i guess that's how chicks feel when we make lewd comments about them, that's ok i guess. Legally, marriage is defined as "the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others for life", so yeah, gay marriage is wrong, legally and i'm against it, until they change the definition to "one person to another person", then I'll be fine with it. Hell, I'll welcome it, then they'll probably feel as miserable as the straight couples, and the more we have in common the faster people's ideals will change.
Without some sort of moral code civilization would have been worse off, so the morality of the day is necessary, back then (ad312ish) the moral politic was embrace Christianity, the empire will survive. Today its embrace homosexuality, lets get tolerant, i'm for that, then we'll be able to call dumb ass straight people fags, and that would be awesome. Because calling people bundles of sticks or cigarettes is so much fun. Tomorrow (after we all start accepting gays) the moral politic will be suicide and the right to die, and hey we'll all jump on that band wagon, because the arguments would be co compelling. And the day after that it would be postpartum or late term abortions (meaning you could legally kill your kids after birth). And by then, good ole KC here would be able to kill his gay kid and we'd have to watch, because we didn't draw a line somewhere. Don't be a suicide club, don't like homosexuality, because what we need is more kids, right?
Hahahaha, I just trolled everyone, good luck tearing me a new one, because i dont really give a shit what you think, because i am entitled to my opinion.
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