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I finally got into/caught up on this show. I have a couple questions hopefully some people may know the answer to.

1) How many seasons are they planning to do? Is this going to be the last season?

2) Why did they drop all the great background characters (Sal, Kinsy, etc.) and replace them with, in my opinion, less interesting ones when they moved to SCDP?

3) Why was there a 17 month hiatus? I know there were contract negotiation problems but what were they?

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Anybody know how much $50 was worth back then? Apparently it was enough for an office. And more than enough to be found in a wallet.
Fifty bucks would be, with inflation, about $350 now. However, in the episode I thought he was actually given a thousand dollars for the office, which was the same as his after-tax monthly salary.

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