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He's wrong there was no cap that year there was no agreement and there was no rule that either of those 2 teams broke the NFL are wrong and they forced the NFLPA to agree to it or the cap would be way lower.

The only thing of which the Redskins and Cowboys are guilty is failing to honor a shady gentleman's agreement between 32 billionaires who don't want to pay their employees any more than they have to. What the NFL, Mara and the other owners did, effectively imposing a salary cap when none had been agreed to by the players in their collective bargaining agreement, was patently wrong. To punish the teams that didn't go along with the wrong, and to so strenuously defend the punishment as though it were right, is the height of arrogance.

Mara by the way is effectively admitting collusion giving the NFLPA ammunition for a new fight the league does not want. The union had to drop all pending litigation against the league as part of the Brady settlement last year when the lockout ended. That included the collusion charges they filed against the league for the suspicions they had about this kind of 2010 activity. Mara admitting that could well qualify as new evidence that could allow the union to file new charges.

Because the NFLPA is named in the Redskins' and Cowboys' complaint, it has the option of obtaining discovery on collusion should it wish to pursue action against the league. The union is upset that the league backed it into a corner here, effectively forcing it to agree to the penalties against the Cowboys and Redskins under the threat of a reduction in this year's salary cap, and would love an opening from which to attack on this.

Mara who is the chairman of the NFL Management Council, (the group that imposed these penalties), and he's the owner of a team that plays the Cowboys and Redskins twice each year and competes with them for the same division title. That's not to say Mara did this on purpose to get one over on two division rivals. But one of the first things we're taught in any journalism class is to avoid even the appearance of impropriety -- to steer clear of any activity that could ever allow anyone to accuse us of engaging in a conflict of interest. That is clearly not a concern Mara has in this case, but he should. There's a chance he should have recused himself from this whole thing, and even if he hadn't, he's not doing himself or his excellent reputation any favors by being the aggressive face of the penalties.

Oh and what about Jacksonville and Tampa Bay for spending 40 million below everyone else for that purpose
Eveything you say is 100% right. Two teams had to be assholes and try to gain an advantage over everyone else. They knew is was wrong and they did it anyway. They should man up and pay the price. There is a lot of colludiing going on in sports. This is not new. If they both file suit and prove it, it would be bad for them and the league. This has nothing to do with Mara or the Giants or who the teams that were fined or what division they play in. This is about the owners as a collective.
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