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Elite Squad

A riveting piece of cinema about the uncontrollable crime and drug trafficking of Rio's slums, corruption of the police and the elite squad that relentlessly cleans up this dirt off the streets. Before you can sigh and groan about how it's "another one of these" you only need to know that my inclusion of riveting wasn't used hastily and without thought. It's pretty damn good, mostly because of the devices that are used to tell this story, add to that the visual aesthetic of City of God and the vibrant colors of Man on Fire and this is the result. What's great is how the film tells the story of two policemen whose idealism takes quite a transformation over the course of the film courtesy of Wagner Moura who's the heart and the narrator of the film and who brings his "A" game along with a bit of veracity. I certainly wouldn't want to be crossing paths with this cat. No sir.