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Misfits: Series 2

The anti-Heroes return with another series of wacky misadventures, disparate regional accents, and surprisingly potent drama when it decides to put away the immature façade for a while. This is what I like to see out of a sophomore season, one that improves on its preceding lineage in bold new ways. For starters, we get a pretty juicy reveal of who the mystery savior is who’d been helping the gang from the shadows from the last few episodes of S1, which becomes one of the more emotional storylines of the show thus far. Two characters in particular that I hadn’t gotten as attached to as I’d have liked develop in their arcs in ways I didn't expect and welcomed. Along with those interesting new nuggets, the show also starts to expand a bit in the concept of “supervillains” and their origin stories, such as they are. Episode 6 turns into one of the more exciting and nuttier episodes of the series with a baddie born from the most unlikeliest of places, and it’s an example of how the show keeps itself unconventional. As does the finale that basically hits a giant reset button on everything we understood the show to be in the beginning. I look forward to S3, but apprehensively – without a certain annoying yet loveable twat to provide his foul-mouthed running commentary next time around, will it leave a gaping void where hilarity once resided? I certainly hope not.

-> 8/10