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So an article on Kirk Cameron written by someone who doesn't like Kirk Cameron. I don't see this being a fair and balanced article and after reading it I can confirm that it might just be a tad bit biased against him........
Of course it is. I wanted you to see a snippet of what that group thinks and feels like.

As it also says in the article, Cameron preaches his biblical nonsense, illustrating that Christian beliefs were how this country was meant to be run.

and the notion of liberty is meant to describe standards dictated by Christianity, as opposed to religious freedom. (During a trip to D.C., an unidentified man tells Cameron, "We can't put our confidence in pure democracy.") Never is slavery mentioned as integral to the foundation of the supposed fallen greatness of our country. Of course it isn't.
Of course it isn't, because he would be called a racist and would be one. IMAGINE if, instead of promoting homophobia and hate-mongering, he went out there to preach about how black people are to blame for the problems of this country, and they shouldn't be allowed to vote, marry and that should be ashamed of themselves for what they are, they should pray the black away, defy who they are and live a confused, tormented life full of regret.

I mean, IMAGINE the shit that would go down.

That's exactly what's happening, except it's not black people, it's not minorities of any kind, it's certainly not women - it's gay people. Singled out, humiliated, even straight up murdered - just for being who they are.

It's wrong. And it's plain and simple.

And there is only one single reason why it is happening AT ALL and it's because of the christian faith. It's because of what that damn book says. A book that says a hundred other horrible things that no one in their right mind would ever agree with it's so horrible.

But this they do. It's just for whatever reason, certain groups of people just have to have someone to hate.

So you're going to say, crazy people will murder people no matter what. If its not because they're gay, they'll find another reason. And that's probably true. But that doesnt mean we cant REMOVE one of the reasons to begin with.

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