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Ahhh the old slippery slope argument. It isnt a slippery slope it is just a fact that this is how it works. One group doesnt have equality and fights for it, gets it. This encourages group #2 to do the same. This is something simple enough for you to understand. I used real history examples of how this works and how the attitude at the time was and how things changed. I am sure that many people thought it was a perversion to share a bathroom with a "colored" but that changed. I know you are intelligent enough to pick up on the similarities between the past and the present. How your attitude toward pedophiles was the sentiment about blacks back in the day.

No, I would never like to see the day that pedophiles could even begin to think they could win a court battle and their lifestyle becomes accepted.

I think that once gay rights are passed that transgender will follow very shortly after, if not at the same time. As far as lifestyles go I do not know of another group wanting equality. You mentioned immigration, as did I, and real equality, separation of church and state, but those are not lifestyles like heterosexuality or homosexuality.
I have to agree with this. I mean, we all know that one day will come where serial killers and rapists fight for their equality too. Legalizing marriage between two consenting adults is an obvious step in that direction. Not.
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