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If you liked the Halo games and want another FPS...

... maybe Crysis (on Xbox Live for download) and Crysis 2 (now $29.99 or less at most retailers)? The Crysis games, like the original Halo, have quite wide and open battlefields in where you can approach and attack enemies in a number of ways. You can proceed with stealth or go into hot areas guns blazing. You can maneuver across the terrain in a number of vehicles or go in by foot. And the graphics and environment are quite lush and beautiful. It's very much a pick up and play type of game. Only negative is that the storyline bridging Crysis 1 and 2 is a bit messy and confusing. But the campaigns last a good 10-12 hours a piece, which is nice for a modern shooter since the standard seems to be 4-5 hours for most games. Another cool thing-especially true with Crysis 2, is that there's never a cutscene in which you won't be in control of your characters movements (although I think Crysis 1 has a few slightly scripted cutscenes where your head is directed on a specific
location or person).

Also, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a fantastic sci-fi RPG that allows you a lot of room to get creative as well when it comes down to the gameplay. You don't need to spend hours playing this one at a time either. You can just pick it up for thiry minutes and play a mission or two, in the fashion that you want to, proceed a little bit in the story and then put it down for later.
I loved all of the games you mentioned. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is fucking terrific, and has a bomb-ass soundtrack.
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