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But that is why it's silly when the religious crowds try to tangle atheists up by claiming atheism is itself a belief system, way of life and 'religion' just like theirs. It's none of those things. I'm an atheist. Properly, it has nothing to do with my way of life. It's not my ideology. It's not my religion. Nor is it supposed to be. That's not the function of the label. Atheists who are trying to pervert atheism into some kind of trumpeting lifestyle of free thinking science-deferring rationalists are profoundly misundestanding what atheism is supposed to be, and in their misunderstanding they are unintentionally putting themselves in the cross hairs by revealing this single unappealing eventuality - people will find a way to make atheism a religion; a thing of practice, faith and belief. People like that are making atheism and religion two sides of the same coin. But they're not. To paraphrase bill maher, atheism is a way of life like abstinence is a sexuality.

From my understanding, if you have made atheism a lifestyle, you're doing it wrong.
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