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The problem is how many homophobic, racist, sexist, intolerant passages are actually in religious texts like the bible and quran (to say nothing of their tolerant passages, because they aren't the point right now - I'm not trying to demonize them and get started on that kind of conversation). There are well more passages against women in these books than there are against gays, but I doubt you would claim religion responsible for misogyny. It has perpetuated a lot of patriarchies throughout history, just as it perpetuates a lot of homophobia, but I don't think it has to be exaggerated as the de facto cause before we can complain about it. You're giving those texts a lot more power than I would expect an atheist to give them. If religion is man made, why are you claiming it responsible for us in any way, shape or form? It can indoctrinate us, habituate us (?), I guess, but it can't cause behaviors in us if we ourselves invented it. It's enough that these texts promote homophobia without needing to have conjured homophobia whole from its cauldron of desert magic.

Just don't misunderstand MovieMaster's point deliberately. Your misunderstanding lumps him in with bigots who use smoke screen arguments about slippery slopes in order to justify their homophobia, which is unfair to him. A general tone of condescension has sort of been the usual for this thread, which is disappointing. Just because a group of people or habits aren't tolerated in society does not say anything about their right to be tolerated or ingratiated. He isn't wrong to wonder after the eventual ceiling of tolerance in a progressive society, and how far it may or may not go. That doesn't make him intolerant. At best, that makes his imagination in this discussion potentially intolerant of future imaginary developments he is theorizing about, which is way too silly for Minority Report, and way too silly to argue against.
I agree with you that homophobes would be predisposed to find homosexuality gross and repulsive with or without religion. I can also understand the frustration over the fact that their religion reaffirms that belief and allows them to believe that gay people shouldn't have the same rights as the rest of Americans.
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