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Can't fault you for your opinion sir.. I however am the opposite. Now before I go on, i will say that my top 2 favorite bands are Metallica and Between The Buried & Me, a man like yourself who plays guitar and appreciates quality finger to the bones music can appreciate both of those artists. Metallica is great, but Between the Buried & me has some of the greatest guitar riffs ever put down. Check out White Walls, the last 3 or so minutes... the greatest thing I have ever heard!

BUT, I also enjoy artists like DJ Tiesto and other remixes. There is a mood that goes along with Trance/ Techno/ Electronic music just as there is with other types of music. Personally, I don't think I have heard a Skrillex or Deadmau5 track, and I think the problem is that there are artists out there that are simply trendy, Skrillex and Deadmau5 fit into that category, which I know isn't the point of your complaint, it is my own off shoot of a complaint!

you know, ya can't like all types of music! I personally can't find any redeeming quality in Country Music! Which is really the only style of music I flat out can't stand!

I love classical music (Phillip Glass, or the classics Beethoven, Mozart, Bach)
Film Scores are phenomenal.Rock music is good (Like Sum 41 or that type of rock). Metal is of course amazing (Like the aforementioned BTBAM & Metallica). Rap even has some quality artists (Kanye West, even though he is an ass hole is a good musician, Mos Def). I guess there is a second type of music I don't like, that Disney Channel bullshit, fucking terrible. I don't mean old school boy Bands, cuz I will jam to some Backstreet Boys, I'm talking these stupid 13-15 year old tool bag boy bands or chick singers that sing songs like "Baby, you are beautiful" or any of that Justin Bieber horse shit!
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