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You know, if it wasn't for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, nobody would have known about this story and Trayvon might have never gotten justice.
He still might not get justice. The racism of the entire situation is terrible, the media is portraying Zimmerman as a white guy when his dad said he comes from a multiracial background which "multiracial" should have been the word used or nothing at all. I'm a white guy and I'm outraged that an unarmed teen was shot. I just see racism as a group of people slapping at each other "Ewwwwie I don't like you cause your're (white, brown, yellow)" unless we unite as human beings we are getting no where.

The least thing I hope comes out of this is they abolish all these dumb Home Owner Association rules, Zimmerman didn't need a gun to do his job and really the only things he needed was his truck and a cell phone to call 911 if something serious went down.
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