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Does anybody read and/or write fanfic?

I used to scoff at fan fiction. I've tried to read it some from time and time and just couldn't find anything worth it. I brushed it off as wish fulfillment for desperate fanboys and girls which is kind of hypocritical because I've batted around numerous ideas of my own that are in fact, fan fiction. Wading through all the slash BS you can find a great nugget or two. Some of these people are just huge fans that want to tell a story about their favorite movie/show/book the best they can and I have great respect for that. I've recently read a few really good pieces of fanfic that inspired me too dust of my old ideas and have a go at them again.
I've been discourage about writing what I want to because I know it won't pay off in the end simply because its fanfic. That though, is not the right mentality at all. Cutting my teeth on fanfic will hopefully build my confidence in my writing and open up my imagination.

Special thanks to MisoGenie for also inspiring to get off my ass and be creative!
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