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well Jaw, i will say one thing, upon reading, though I didnt mean for it too, you are correct, I did exactly what I was speaking against. I guess I have to eat that

I dont even mind being an asshole... sometimes I thrive on being an asshole... but in case that wasnt your attention I just felt the need to point it out.

Hating the haters... as long as you acknowledge the fact that you may be hypocritical, well thats all I have to say about that too.

But the only reason I keep bringing up that I am a Christian in this thread is simple. Though many hardcore Christians consider me a hypocrite, ya know cause I like to toke up, have a mouth like a sailor, listen to rock n roll and gangsta rap... I pretty much dont go with the belief that everything in life is wrong, also I dont go to church, cause that shit reminds me to much of a highschool click. However I am still a Christian, and theyre are many more like me. I am not on here yelling sinner... or trying to convert you, or damning homosexuals... blah blah blah, I dont believe in that... I just wanna laugh, love, watch some good flicks, watch my son grow... I just want the simple shit in life, and I want everyone to have it. But as much as im trying not to let it get to me... it really pisses me off when people lump me in that bible thumping category. I am more in the Jesus freak category... I sin and I know it, i try to take the right paths, but sometimes I stumble... I dont think I am hell bound for it. I dont even talk about religion to people unless they want to, I dont know why bible thumpers want to alienate people by shoving it down there throats, and then acting like a snob to those who dont believe. I mean sadly, we have taken the same side in the major issue, gay marriage, and you are still telling me how wrong I am about my faith. There are many fights to be fought in this world, just fight them with the right people.
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