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It was about three weeks after the incident that the media started covering the story. When my station started running the story I had already seen posts about it on Facebook and clips of Sharpton and Jackson trying to bring attention to it.
This story had a news presence far before when the National Media made it an every day, several hours a day Breaking News style subject. I had heard about long before this past week when the story blew up, but it wasn't front page news. Did Jackson & Sharpton make it front page news? Maybe, i don't know, they are people who can take 1 news camera and turn it into 7.

Jackson & Sharpton are the equivalent of the boy who cried wolf... when they attack every situation as if it was the 1960's race riots, over time their involvement makes jokes out of serious situations.

My problem with cases like these is that, before any real facts come out, it is slapped as a Race thing. If something happens to a black person, right away it is race. The supporters in these cases, generally don't even entertain the notion that perhaps, the black "Victim" was doing something that actually led to the eventual outcome. When this case was first reported, there was no reason to not believe what Zimmerman had said, sure there is always a shadow of a doubt, but the facts that were available showed that it was at least 50/50 possible that this Martin kid came over to Zimmerman with an attitude and started throwing punches. It was also possible that Zimmerman simply shot this kid and thought he could get away with it. My problem is when the media and people simply focus on the one side because that is a better story, 2012 and black people are still persecuted.. get the lights, get the cameras. Until you know all the facts, dont make a circus. Then as more facts have come out over the past week, we see that this Martin kid was recently suspended from school for having a baggy of weed (or weed residue) and he wasn't exactly an angel. And of course now, we have the most damning evidence, which is the video tape footage of the Zimmerman post shooting without any of the injuries he said he sustained. (Of course, that could be because he had cleaned up prior to that tape being rolled.. i'm not sure).

Race gets thrown around so much in todays world... as soon as something happens that is against a black person it is automatically 100% race, regardless of facts. And yes, sometimes it is 100% race related.. but there are times when it isn't, and as soon as you throw Race into an argument, it taints any hope of fact that may soon come!

If Martin was a little white kid, and the shooter were black, and the circumstances were the exact same... Sharpton & Jackson would still be down in Florida.. but whose side would they be fighting for??
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