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Jackson & Sharpton are the equivalent of the boy who cried wolf... when they attack every situation as if it was the 1960's race riots, over time their involvement makes jokes out of serious situations.
Racism is still a huge problem. I live 45 minutes away from where Trayvon was shot, and I drive past where he was killed at least once a week i'm in that area so much.
I know, the police around here are racist fucks. Last night I saw a black guy get stopped and searched for no reason by the police. I watched the police search him just to make sure they didn't beat the shit out of him for being black. Fortunately, they let him go. They didn't find shit. They clearly had no probable cause other than "he's black, he's walking around, lets search him."

Jackson and Sharpton aren't cool, but at least they're trying to end this racism that so many people are still so very blind to.

When this case was first reported, there was no reason to not believe what Zimmerman had said, sure there is always a shadow of a doubt, but the facts that were available showed that it was at least 50/50 possible that this Martin kid came over to Zimmerman with an attitude and started throwing punches.
There were a dozen witnesses who saw or heard the shooting. The police ignored all of them. The police asked selective questions. Got selective answers and released a murderer on a self defense charge.
Also, its no coincidence that the same person in charge of the Trayvon Martin investigation was in charge of an investigation a couple years back where a black teen was shot in the BACK by cops. The cops claimed self defense and won the case. How can you claim shooting someone in the back is self defense?
And everyone knows Martin wasn't the instigator. Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend. Zimmerman was on the phone with the police. The police told Zimmerman not to follow Martin, and that officers were on the way. Zimmerman pursued. Which means irrefutably that Zimmerman is in FACT the instigator.

Then as more facts have come out over the past week, we see that this Martin kid was recently suspended from school for having a baggy of weed (or weed residue) and he wasn't exactly an angel. And of course now, we have the most damning evidence, which is the video tape footage of the Zimmerman post shooting without any of the injuries he said he sustained. (Of course, that could be because he had cleaned up prior to that tape being rolled.. i'm not sure).
Just about everybody I know does, or has at some point smoked weed. Its not a big deal. Killing someone on the other hand... Thats kind of a problem.

Race gets thrown around so much in todays world... as soon as something happens that is against a black person it is automatically 100% race, regardless of facts. And yes, sometimes it is 100% race related.. but there are times when it isn't, and as soon as you throw Race into an argument, it taints any hope of fact that may soon come!
It almost always is race related. Racism and imbalance of social class from oppressive white racism has led to the social conditions that cause such high crime rates among black youth.

If Martin was a little white kid, and the shooter were black, and the circumstances were the exact same... Sharpton & Jackson would still be down in Florida.. but whose side would they be fighting for??
As Squid Vicious already said, I can't say it any better. Trayvon would be locked up, and most likely on his way to death row.
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