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I guess so, but logos are logos; I just want a director/screenwriter/producer who has a f&$%ing clue how to do a Superman story. Superman deserves better than Zack Synder, much, much better. Synder made exactly one movie I liked: 300, and that was because the movie was so over the top, but anyone whose read the graphic novel knows its pretty much the same way, so it worked. However, sometimes, i feel like 300 was a success due to luck rather than skill, the old adage about even a blind squirrel finding a nut once in a while. I have no problems with the actors that have been cast so far. I think its a solid cast. Probably better than Synder deserves. If he comes up with a good film, I'll gladly eat my words. In the meantime, the logo looks pretty decent, but logos are only balms, they soozes, but they do not heal.
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